Monday, February 23, 2009

Fund Raising Tips

1. Donate $20 yourself and ask four friends for $20 each

2. Ask 20 friends to donate $5 each

3. Ask 10 friends to donate $10 each

4. Send a letter to family and friends, explaining what Relay is and ask for a donation. Suggestion: Always ask for more than you expect. Example: If you want $25, ask for $50. Be sure to include a due date to send a donation.

5. Send a letter from your pet to family and friends. You might also want to send this out to your veterinarian.

6. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Knock on doors and ask your neighbors for their support.

7. Arrange a dress-down day at work. Anyone dressing down will have to pay. Be sure you have a sign that says, "Please excuse our appearance today, we are dressing down to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay For Life." You could charge anywhere from $1 to $5 per person to dress down. You could arrange these on a weekly or monthly basis.

8. Arrange with the principal of a local school for baseball cap day. Usually caps are not allowed, however, for $1, once a month, a student could wear a baseball cap in class. Be sure to have a sign ready that says, "Caps for a Cure - you will see students today sporting baseball caps as a fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay For Life."

9. Hold a can & bottle drive.

10. Collect donations by displaying cut-out suns and moons that are available through your American Cancer Society staff partner. These can be in honor or in memory of loved ones.